Open Source since 2005

VSIP grew from humble beginnings as a bunch of geeks supporting Linux deployments. We soon found ourselves supporting Asterisk based VoIP systems more than anything else. Over time we decided that as well as fix and enable other customer's deployments we were in a good position to launch our own service - partly due to demand but also as we could see so many badly configured systems out there and we could do better. We began migrating legacy ISDN systems to local asterisk servers and now that has evolved into fully cloud hosted VOIP hosting.

Our Customers

Since the beginning we have supported and maintained small businesses - and we still look after our very first customer with a small office and 3 phones in Yorkshire, England. It's true that now we are servicing large scale international deployments including major European telecommunications companies but we do not let that stop us from taking good care of the smaller companies out there. We are totally focussed on giving out customers a fair deal, great pricing backed up with good support. On top of this we are proud to be completely transparent as to the technologies we use and we ensure we only ever use Open-Source.

We Aren't Just Here To Make Money

Believe it or not we all enjoy what we do here, we live and breath Open-Source Software (OSS). We know this to be more stable and more secure than closed source offerings. We saw the potential of Open-Source long before it was widely adopted in telephony and we will continue to use it as well as give back to the OSS community. Every new customer deployment is another Linux Server in the wild, and this makes us smile. We love to see the power of OSS helping people do day to day business when originally we were told it was not suitable for business use! Our motivation is this technology and using it in an efficient and secure way to deliver functionality to our customers. We often attend and host semilars as well as being active on support forums and github.

Our Staff

We employ up to 10 staff at any one time and we are deliberately keeping it this way - nobody likes trying to explain a problem to a someone in a huge call centre reading from a script with no real experience in your specific issue. We have our head office in Yorkshire, England as well as satellite offices in Belgium and the Netherlands. All our staff work primarily together in our offices and not remotely. During the current times we operate a covid-safe environment while still encouraging team work. It is our belief that we work better together under one roof than individually at home. 


We use and promote the use of Linux OS - RedHat, Debian and all the wonderful derivatives. Asterisk, MariaDB, Issabel PBX, Python, PHP, Perl and many more of course, there are just too many to list. We have experts in all these systems and languages in-house.